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A little respect goes a long way

Wayyyyyyyyyy back when we wrote a post about respecting your man, and we thought we’d share some thoughts on it again this am.

How to respect a man | Love and respect in Marriage

Our men are always going to need it, and quite honestly, we’re (at least I am) always going to need reminders of how to show it. So many times I don’t intend to be disrespectful in how I speak or act towards my husband, but it happens unintentionally. We shared awhile back  about a great book to read called For Women Only. This book shed SO MUCH LIGHT on what it truly means to show respect to my man.

So here goes. Some ways we can respect our men… because the reality is, our men NEED respect more than they need love. They need love too…. but the respect trumps love and, the respect we give them is what conveys our love to them. It’s a deep, deep need, and it’s hard for us as women to understand because we have a deep, deep need for love.

Respecting our men helps them feel like we trust them. It shows them we value and trust them as leaders, we think they are capable of great and hard things, and gives them the encouragement they need (which helps them love us well in return). It’s almost like by respecting them as amazing men that we believe are capable and strong, and have great leadership…. they will live up to that expectation and become it. So what have we got to lose?

Some small ways that we can show them respect:

1. Focus on the good. We posted awhile back about perspective. It’s really easy to focus on the annoying and frustrating things that our husbands do, AND when we focus on the negative, it’s really EASY to only see the negative. So let’s focus on the positive. Take note of what your man is doing well, and tell him. Thank him. Praise him. It’s just a perspective change that can be life changing and life giving to your marriage.

2. Give him respect no matter what. This is a hard one. It’s easy to think that respect has to be earned. But what if we had grace for our men and gave them respect even when we don’t feel like they deserve it. Maybe they made a decision that wasn’t the best or hurt us. What if we just trusted that they had good intentions, meant well, and it just didn’t work out as they had thought. We ALL make mistakes. We’re human. Let’s show our husbands a little grace and show them respect even when they might not “deserve” it in our eyes.

3. Don’t disrespect your man in front of others. To men, this is the ultimate insult. It will completely belittle him and deeply wound him. And on the contrary, speak highly of him in front of others and he’ll beam inside.

Happy Monday!

All images: Laura Elizabeth Photography

How to respect a man | Love and respect in Marriage

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