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30th Anniversary | Simpli Photography

This adorable couple recently celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary and to commemorate they planned a little photo shoot. They hadn’t had professional photos taken together since their wedding in 1985 in Park Hills, Missouri, which made this session even more special! We love seeing how in love they are after all this time! These photos made us smile from ear to ear! Fabulous job by Simpli Photography!


When asked how they met?
I saw Tippi a couple of times before I ever had the guts to speak with her. The first time I saw her, I blurted out an expletive, smacked my friend on the arm, and said, “Look at her!”

My friend said, “You’ll go to jail for that.”

She was 21 but she was always such a cute little thing.

The second time I saw her, I was playing Frisbee with another friend in the park. I thought about going over to speak with her but she was playing with a little girl. At that moment, just 19 years old, I didn’t think I was mature enough to date anyone with a child.

The next night, I was driving down Main Street just as our small town movie theater was letting out. I saw Tippi was walking down the stairs. She pointed right at me said something excitedly to her friend.

I later learned she was telling her friend, “That’s the guy from the park! The one with those legs!”

Needless to say, I couldn’t get back around the block fast enough. I didn’t care if she had a child. I had to talk to her.

I pulled into the movie theater parking lot with a friend, where we chatted up the girls for about an hour. We eventually took our group to Hardee’s, where we sat and talked well into the night.

In Tippi’s version of this story, I didn’t talk very much at all. She says I just sat there and smiled at her. She was quite surprised when this talkative guy rousted her out of bed with a 7.a.m. phone call the next day. She said she had to watch her niece again but she would gladly meet me for a date that night. (Ahhhh, the little girl was her niece!)

Our first date was June 11, 1985. We were engaged just 10 days later! Much like my eager phone call the next morning, there was no way I’d ever let this wonderful person slip away. She was perfect in every way. I had to marry her as soon as possible.

We were married five weeks later.

That was 30 years ago.


When asked about their favorite date night?
It doesn’t really matter as long as we’re together. We’ve had wonderful times on the beach, or dinners with friends and family, but we’re just as happy sitting side-by-side on our couch at home.


When asked for their best marriage advice? 
Talk about everything. Be as open and honest with each other about every single aspect of your lives. You’re in this together. No one else. Nothing in life is as important as your lives together. You ought to be able to share everything with each other. Everything.


When asked what the hardest thing was that they’ve gone through as a couple?
Helping our two kids through their teenage years. I wouldn’t wish teenagers on anyone.


What is the hardest thing about marriage for you guys?
Nothing, really. We’ve never even had a real argument with each other in 30 years. Our relationship is the easiest part of life.


When asked what the most amazing thing about marriage is for them?
I get to spend everyday with my best friend. She is the smartest, sexiest human on the planet. For her to feel anything remotely like that about me is just amazing. I’m the luckiest man there ever was.


When asked how has marriage made you grow as a person and/or couple?
We’re better people because of each other. Our marriage has been a good example to our children. We’re pretty proud of that.


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