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Alberta Anniversary Session | JayMarie Studios

Today we’ve got a stunning 1 year Alberta Anniversary Session by Jaymarie Studios for you!! You’ll love the images and the marriage advice that Brittany and Ryan have got to offer!

The couple is just as amazing as their photos!!

Meet Brittany and Ryan!

Alberta Anniversary Session JayMarie Studios_0669Alberta Anniversary Session JayMarie Studios_0670

How long have you been married? What is your anniversary date? Where were you married?
We are currently coming up on 2 years married. The anniversary date is September 27th. We were married on that day in 2014. The anniversary session was shot exactly one year later on September 27th 2015. We were married in Edmonton, Alberta

Alberta Anniversary Session JayMarie Studios_0671Alberta Anniversary Session JayMarie Studios_0672

How did you meet?
We tell people we were high school sweethearts, which is true, however Ryan and I went to different schools, we met at a party the summer before I entered high school, and Ryan entered his grade 12 year

Alberta Anniversary Session JayMarie Studios_0673Alberta Anniversary Session JayMarie Studios_0674

Why or how did you choose your anniversary session location? How is it relevant to your wedding or marriage?
We told Justine our photographer what kind of look we wanted to go with, something outside too really showcase the beauty of fall and of course the fact our wedding was in fall as well. Justine came to us with the location and we LOVED it.

Alberta Anniversary Session JayMarie Studios_0675

What is your favorite date night?
Honestly, anything we do together is my favorite date night. Whether it be dinner and a movie, kayaking, going for walks, nights in at home or driving together. I know it sounds super corny but anytime spent together is our favorite!

Alberta Anniversary Session JayMarie Studios_0676

What is the hardest thing that you’ve gone through as a couple?
Without getting into too much detail, in October of 2015, one month after our one year anniversary (and these photos) Ryan was diagnosed with testicular cancer. After recovering from the first surgery/treatment , about 5 months later we were told the cancer had come back in his lymph nodes. It was the hardest thing we could have ever imagined. Illness, especially of that magnitude tests you, as an individual and as a couple. What we like to say is that it only made us stronger, and as of right now Ryan is on the mend and we are hopeful that its a chapter in our life we can close!

Alberta Anniversary Session JayMarie Studios_0677Alberta Anniversary Session JayMarie Studios_0678Alberta Anniversary Session JayMarie Studios_0679

What is the hardest thing about marriage for you guys?
That’s a hard question. Everything about marriage is hard. Not in a negative way, but if we are being honest and realistic it is hard. You aren’t just dealing with one person’s emotions you are dealing with two. Marriage isn’t easy, its something you have to always put effort into. If one person shuts down and has a bad day, the other has to put in the extra effort to ensure everything stays running smooth. All in all, marriage is a beautiful and sacred thing in our household. Is it hard? Absolutely, but when you have two people working at it, it makes it easier to go through life

Alberta Anniversary Session JayMarie Studios_0680Alberta Anniversary Session JayMarie Studios_0681

What is your best marriage advice? 
Our best marriage advice is to always communicate. Whether it be about your day, or your favorite show to watch, or planning for the future. Never take each other for granted. Life throws curveballs at you and learning to overcome them is one thing, but learning to overcome them together is the main thing. Be silly, you aren’t just husband and wife, you should also be best friends. Never stop dating one another, and lastly .. Kiss, all the time. Morning, afternoon, night. Always kiss 🙂

Alberta Anniversary Session JayMarie Studios_0682Alberta Anniversary Session JayMarie Studios_0683Alberta Anniversary Session JayMarie Studios_0684

What is the most amazing thing about marriage for you guys?
Having someone to adventure through life with. We got married at a young age, and a lot of people asked us “what about being an individuals, and finding yourself” Of course its a good point, but why do it alone, when you can do it with the person you love most in this world. Someone who is going to love you even when you are at your lowest and accept you for who you are. That to me is life. That to me is the closest thing to a perfect marriage.

Alberta Anniversary Session JayMarie Studios_0685Alberta Anniversary Session JayMarie Studios_0686

Why an anniversary session? What inspired you to do it?
It was something we wanted to do from the beginning. What better way to showcase and document love and a special anniversary than to have a session done. Memories can fade sometimes, and we could have gone for dinner, or gone on a trip, but these photos are something we will have for a lifetime. We never have to try and remember the weather that day, or what we wore, or how we felt, because we can look back at these photos and remember it instantly.

Alberta Anniversary Session JayMarie Studios_0687Alberta Anniversary Session JayMarie Studios_0688

How has marriage made you grow as a person and/or couple?
For myself, marriage has made me a stronger person. Patient when needed. I appreciate life in ways I may have taken for granted before. You don’t just think of yourself, you are no longer allowed to be selfish. As a couple, it made us stronger as well. It has allowed us a sort of VIP access to each others mind and hearts. Something I will cherish forever

Alberta Anniversary Session JayMarie Studios_0689

What are you looking forward to in your marriage in the next 10 years?
Ryan : I am looking forward to watching her be the most amazing mother to our children. Growing 10 years older with her. Just being together and growing even more, individually, as a couple, and as a family.

Brittany: Ditto

Alberta Anniversary Session JayMarie Studios_0690Alberta Anniversary Session JayMarie Studios_0691

Any additional information that you’d want to share!
Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your blog and sharing our love! We are so blessed and cannot wait to see it! Love, The Wasylishyns

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