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Cripple Creek Colorado Anniversary Session | Smith House Photo

Doesn’t this session make you want to move to Colorado?! Smith House Photo did a fabulous job capturing the sweet love of this adorable couple!

View More: long have you been married? What is your anniversary date? Where were you married (city & state)?
A year and a half. June 21st 2014. We were married in Georgetown, Texas

View More: did you meet?
Well this is going to be a really long response to a simple question 🙂 We met a few years back due to a short term missions trip to Brazil and you could say we had a modern romance. Once we discovered we were going to be on the same trip (we both thought we were going alone at first) I (Rebekah) Facebook stalked David and sent him the first message. Thats how it began. Facebook 🙂 Followed by a month of book long messages that involved both of us stating we were not interested in a relationship, then came the month of texting, followed by a month of phone calls until finally we skyped. After that we decided we should meet in person before our trip since we were falling for each other. David drove through the night and I left early in the morning and we met at a park in Nashville, TN. To say this meeting was a epic Nicholas Sparks moment would be a lie, it was more like Elizabethtown… VERY awkward. Then he kissed me and everything changed from that moment on.

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Why or how did you choose your anniversary session location? How is it relevant to your wedding or marriage?
At the last minute we decided to join Becki and Ryan (Smith House Photo) on a weekend trip to Colorado in which she asked to take our pictures while there. With a beautiful landscape in the background, how could we say no! The relevancy to our marriage lies in capturing moments to be frozen in time while creating memories with friends that we will not soon forget. Part of our marriage has centered around building deeper friendships with those around us, now as we look to these pictures we recall the time we shared.

View More: is your favorite date night?
Netflix and Chill. In all seriousness, we think the best date nights are the unplanned spontaneous ones that end up eating sushi at an out of the way place and drinking an entire bottle of wine (on a work night) filled with laughter.

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What is your best marriage advice?
Talk. Communicate. BE vulnerable. Date your spouse even after you are married. BE okay with being wrong. Arguments can be so healthy to have. It’s OKAY to fight (clean). Don’t stop being a child. LAUGH as much as you can (getting a really weird cat helps with that). Keep it interesting…if you know what I mean… Have FUN!

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What is the hardest thing that you’ve gone through as a couple?
We don’t know that we have gone through our hardest moment yet, which can be scary to think about, but when it comes we will fight through it.

What is the hardest thing about marriage for you guys?
The hardest thing about marriage is learning to continuously be honest with ourselves and each other. It is so easy to let life slide by whilst forget that we are both growing and that it’s okay to not agree on everything or like all the same things in life, but that through it all you have to share/talk/express how you are feeling and sometimes… it doesn’t come out very pretty!

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What is the most amazing thing about marriage for you guys?
The most amazing thing about marriage is getting to walk through life together. A good friend of ours once said marriage is about deciding to “ride the wave” of life together. It morphs, changes and often times it collapses on top of you, but you get back up on that board together. It’s a beautiful thing to see life as a journey of choices you get to make side by side.

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Why an anniversary session? What inspired you to do it?
Life is too short to not capture those beautiful moments to reflect on and remember later on during the trials of your relationship. It can even help you to remember what you are fighting for/working towards with each other.
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How has marriage made you grow as a person and/or couple?
Marriage forces you to see just how flawed we all really are, but at the same time you want to work hard to change that. It has helped us to see the imperfections, still love one another, but encourage each other to rise above it all.

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What are you looking forward to in your marriage in the next 10 years?
We are looking forward to learning more about one another, traveling a bit, switching careers three or four times and ultimately to have time in this life to be on this adventure together.

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From the photographer: David and Rebecca were married in Georgetown, Texas in 2014. They met while working in Brazil a few years prior. Their time in Brazil was filled with adventures and outdoors, something they don’t get quite as much of living in Texas. To commemorate their first anniversary, they took to the outdoors for a beautiful and simple session in the Colorado mountains. Focusing on their own love and joy was easy, and partnered with the mountain views for days their session was nothing short of extraordinary.

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