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Romantic Arizona Anniversary Session | Caroline Logan Photography

Today we have a romantic Scottsdale Arizona Anniversary Session!! Stephen & Chelsey celebrated their third wedding anniversary by having the talented Caroline Logan Photography capture their love for each other!!


How long have you been married? What is your anniversary date? Where were you married ?
Almost three years! 3.16.13
We were married just outside of our hometown Chico, CA at a historical estate called Patrick Ranch.

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How did you meet?
Our story starts off in high school. After nine months of getting to know each other, we jumped into a roller coaster of a long-distance relationship for the next four years. From holiday breaks to summers spent working at a camp in the Santa Cruz mountains together, we took every chance we could to see one another during those next few years. We’ll always be thankful for that time of working together at camp–it was the thing that spurred this love for working alongside one another, a place where we grew the most, and the place where Stephen later proposed!

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Why or how did you choose your anniversary session location? How is it relevant to your wedding or marriage?
We’re professional photographers (TréCreative) and just happened to be at a conference out in Scottsdale Arizona at the same time as Caroline, who was also attending the photography conference. As photographers, we believe it’s SO important to have our own photos taken at least once a year. That way we can relate to our own couples and be reminded how it feels to be on the “other side” of the lens. We’ve made it a tradition to do an anniversary session every year of our marriage and love looking back on each year’s photos! We also take that time to meet more awesome photographers like us in the wedding industry. Caroline was amazing and truly made us feel comfortable which is one of the best things a photographer can do!

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What is your favorite date night?
We love riding our bikes around Chico. Living close to a park that runs almost all the way through town, it’s so easy to hop on our bikes and get anywhere. We love heading downtown to local restaurants or the farmers market.

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What is your best marriage advice?
We love this quote from Danny Silk: “The goal of a healthy relationship is two fully alive people joining together to make a life neither one could have by them self.”

A key to loving someone well is to learn their love language and learn to be “fluent” in it! The most common love languages are touch, gifts, words of affirmation, acts of service, and quality time. An important thing to remember is that whatever your spouses love language is, can also be the area they can feel wounded the most. Do whatever it takes to love, to stay connected with one another.

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What is the hardest thing that you’ve gone through as a couple?
Running a full time business together! Unlike “normal” couples who head to work all day and see each other for a few hours afterwards, we are together 24hrs a day, 7 days a week. We share an office, we share a bed, we share everything about our lives. This is amazing, but can be challenging at times. Learning to work through our marriage relationship and our “work relationship” has been difficult, but so great for us!

What is the hardest thing about marriage for you guys?
See above 🙂

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What is the most amazing thing about marriage for you guys?
We believe, with every part of us, that our love story is the most unmatchable adventure we will ever commit to. It’s one we can’t plan. One that has no map. We can only make a promise and then show up to keep it. We know this because we are in it. We are living it. As a husband-and-wife team, we see the daily challenge and reward that comes from working together. We know the grit of fighting hard for one another but we also know the beauty living inside the promise we first made: we will always choose each other, no matter what. There’s this moment where you grab each other’s hands and hold a little tighter as you step towards the unknown. Towards the things you can’t predict, the untold chapters unfolding like a map. That’s the moment you know this adventure of marriage is completely and absolutely worth it.

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Why an anniversary session? What inspired you to do it?
We do an anniversary session every year and think every couple should! Doesn’t have to be on our actual anniversary, just sometime throughout the year. Imagine looking back on 50 years of anniversary photos. Having photos from every single year. We can’t wait for that day.

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Any additional information that you’d want to share!
Thank you for the feature!

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