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Virginia At Home Anniversary Session | Bethanne Arthur Photography

We are loving these intimate at-home anniversary sessions! There’s just something so sweet about documenting your everyday life with your best friend! Bethanne Arthur did another fabulous job with this photo shoot! Enjoy!


How long have you been married? What is your anniversary date? Where were you married (city & state)?
We’ve been married six years. We got married September 27th in Bluemont, VA.


How did you meet?
We met in high school.


Why or how did you choose your anniversary session location? How is it relevant to your wedding or marriage?
We had our anniversary shoot in our new home. We moved in right after our fifth anniversary. The traditional gift for your fifth anniversary is wood. We decided, what better gift than a new house?! We used a few other anniversary gifts in the shoot as well, including a quilt Anne’s mom made (cotton is the traditional second anniversary gift) and a paper bouquet Jeff made (paper is the traditional first anniversary gift). Additionally, we took a few pictures in front of the arch we got married under, which is now in our backyard.


What is your favorite date night?
Wine and cheese at home with a movie. With two kids, we take whatever time we can find for just the two of us.


Why an anniversary session? What inspired you to do it?
We had been doing pictures every three months for our second child, and thought it would be nice to get some updated pictures of just us.


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