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Garden of the Gods Colorado Engagement Session | Rachel Wakefield

Today we have a lovely, Garden of the Gods Colorado Engagement Session shot by Rachel Wakefield to share with you!! Taylor and Connor are smitten over each other and their happiness beams in every photo!

Meet Taylor and Connor!

How did you meet your fiancé?
Connor is attending school at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs with big dreams of becoming a pilot for the worlds greatest Air Force. While I am going to school in Nebraska studying International Studies with the ambitions of being a full time missionary. We would have never met if it wouldn’t have been for our lovely mothers who where friends in their twenties that rekindled their friendship nearly twenty years later.

That being said, they always talked to each other about Connor and I and how someday we needed to meet one another. My mother would bring him up in conversation and lets face it, I thought he was cute but there was no way I was going to make the first move! It didn’t take long for these two ladies to start trying to persuade me into writing him just to “see what happens.”

I finally gave in and wrote to him and we immediately hit it off. I had never met someone that pursued me as hard as he did and still does today. He strived to learn everything about me no matter what it was whether that was my flaws, my fears and aspirations or what simply brought joy to my life. He made me feel so treasured and priceless right from the start.

Two weeks later I found myself driving six hours to some small town in Kansas with my sister to meet him in person. He was going to be flying gliders in an aerobatics competition and this was our chance. I met him in the parking lot of the hotel I was staying at and must I dare say that the moment we locked eyes, I knew he was the man that I was searching for. He had the most gorgeous, piercing blue eyes that I had ever looked into.

That night we stayed up late talking and laughing and simply just getting to know one another when he pulled out a guitar. He swept me off my feet that night as he sang to me and played “Marry Me” by Train in the hotel lobby.

What is your favorite date night?
Since Connor is in the Air Force, we don’t often get to go out on many dates. However, when he is home, we make sure to spend a little quality time out just the two of us. Our favorite date night is the first time he took me out for ice cream. (Ice cream is one of my favorite foods so he got some brownie points there!) We just talking and laughing when he stops and just looks in my eyes and leaned in. I thought he was going to kiss me but instead he takes my ice cream cone and smashed it in my face! There was mint chip ice cream all over my face and he just looked at me with a cute grin that I couldn’t help but laugh.

What do you love most about your fiancé?
What I love most about Connor is his ability to pour his love out and wear his heart on his sleeve. He is one of the most passionate and compassionate men I have ever met in my life and shows his passion for me, our families and our country every single day even when it is hard. He is a man that gives people the benefit of the doubt and loves unconditionally and is willing to protect them no matter the cost.

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