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Home on the Ranch Texas Engagement Session | Velvet Sage Photography

Today we have a rustic home on the Ranch Texas Engagement Session for you!! Velvet Sage Photography captured Breanna and Johnny in their true element!!  We just love this session and know you will too!!!

Meet Breanna and Johnny!


How did you meet?
At a bar! I was with a few of my girlfriends for one of their engagement parties, and he was with his work friends. He was the first and only man I ever approached at a bar.

Tell us your proposal story!
My family was visiting from out of town for spring break, and we went to meet him at Frescos (my favorite restaurant). When I walked in, I saw some of my friends and his family singing happy birthday. I was completely confused because it was March and my birthday is in December, and it was such a strange combination of people! As soon as I turned around, he was on his knee… I was so SHOCKED! I had no idea he had been planning it!


What is your favorite date night?
I love just going to dinner, and watching a local band while having a few drinks. Nothing fancy, just spending quality time together is perfect for me!

What is the inspiration behind your wedding?
Rustic vintage, with a huge focus on family. I am a horse trainer and my fiancé used to be a bull rider, so our home and lifestyle is western and rustic. I love that our wedding is going to be a reflection of who we are.

Where are you going on your honeymoon?
We probably won’t go on a honeymoon until next year! I have no family here in Texas -they are all traveling 600+ plus miles, so I really want to make the most of my time with them. Plus I really want to enjoy these moments fully and presently without having to immediately add anything else. I know not everyone agrees, but it is the right decision for us!


What do you love most about your fiancé?
I love that he is completely my person. Everything about him fits my perception of the perfect man for me. He pushes me to pursue my passions, and supports me in every area of my life. He truly makes me better and enriches my life in ways I never imagined.

What are you looking forward to in your marriage?
I’m looking forward to sharing every part of my life with my best friend. There is so much comfort in knowing that I won’t have to face hard times alone.


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