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Mississippi Engagement Session | April and Paul

Doesn’t this stunning outdoor engagement session make you want to get up and move to Mississippi?! April and Paul did an incredible job photographing this sweet couple’s engagement session on her boss’s land – complete with a pond and gorgeous greenery! Take a look!

Meet the sweet couple, Mckenzie & Hunter!!!

How did you meet?
We went to high school in the same town! Yep, we’re high school sweethearts!

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We were fixing up the yard we had planned to live on.  I made Hunter plant 21 bushes and 4 trees in one day while I played with his niece.  He called me over to the land and we rode around so he could show me what all he did.  Like any typical girl, I wanted him to dig back up two bushes and move them, haha! So he got off the golf cart as I’m looking and pointing at the bushes.  When I turned around to see if he was even listening to me he was on one knee with the prettiest ring and simply said “Will you marry me?!” Tears of joy rushing down both our faces I say YES of course. We’ve been saying for 8 years 🙂 our love story is my favorite!

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We do love going out of town to dinner and all that jazz but my favorite would be me and him at home in our pj’s, cooking dinner then renting a funny movie and us laughing the entire time. Simple is sweeter.

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“Hunter and I want our wedding day to be filled with love, family, and pure happiness! We are high school sweethearts with huge caring families, friends that are like family and we share a love that gives me chills.

Our wedding will be a day that sets the tone for the rest of our lives. We plan to cherish every second of it with our friends and family by our sides. We will eat, drink, and dance the night away.

Our wedding party consists of around 30 of our most favorite people. Our ceremony will be held outdoors under a arch full of beautiful flowers because flowers are my favorite. ”

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We are thinking the Bahamas of course!

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His smile! It’s the biggest most genuine smile you’ll ever see and when I’m the reason behind that smile it still gives me butterflies to this day! Even after 8 years 🙂View More: More: More: are you looking forward to in your marriage?

Making Memories together. We already have so many and I can’t wait until we have a lifetime full of them! Trips, children, grandchildren, and becoming old together.

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