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New York City Rooftop Engagement Session | Krystal Balzer Photography

Today we have an amazing New York City rooftop Engagement Session shot by Krystal Balzer Photography to share with you!  Courtney and Rob wanted their engagement session in the city they love the most, New York City!! The views and the couple are breathtaking!!

Meet Courtney and Rob!

Tell us your proposal story!
For months, we had been planning a two-week trip of Spain and Portugal. We had just arrived in Barcelona, our first stop on the trip, and decided to take a tour of the city. One of the first places we visited was Park Güell. Rob suggested we take a stroll of the gardens and led me up a hill to a secluded lookout with an incredible view. The next thing I knew, Rob was on his knee telling me how much I meant to him and how he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. He slipped a ring box into my hand and asked me to marry him! We spent the rest of the trip in total bliss, it was the most magical vacation!

What is your favorite date night?
I’m just as happy cuddled up on the couch in sweats watching TV or dressing up for a night at the New York Philharmonic. As long as we’re together, I know we’ll have an amazing time!

What is the inspiration behind your wedding?
I always wanted a winter wedding, not for very romantic reasons, but for practical ones. Every year when February or March rolls around, I start dreaming about warm weather, lounging by a pool or on the beach. After months of the harsh New York City cold, I’ll use any excuse for a getaway to a warm destination! So now, for the rest of our lives, we’ll have the perfect excuse for a mid-winter getaway – it’s our anniversary!

Where are you going on your honeymoon?

What do you love most about your fiancé?
I love the way he not only respects my ambition and drive, but also the way he encourages me to pursue my passions, both personally and professionally. He loves me for who I am, which makes me want to be the best version of myself for him.

What are you looking forward to in your marriage?
I’m looking forward to sharing new experiences together, from exploring new places to buying a first home to starting a family. This is all uncharted territory for both of us, and as scary as it can be, it’s also so exciting that I get to experience it with the love of my life!

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