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Romantic California Engagement Session | Vanessa Hicks Photography

Today we have a romantic California Engagement Session for you shot by the talented Vanessa Hicks Photography!! Sandy and Liam are so in love and it shows in their Carmel Mission Basilica session. It was the perfect location to photograph this very special time in their lives!

Meet Sandy and Liam!

How did you meet?
Blind date set up by a mutual friend


Tell us your proposal story!
Liam’s proposal was nothing short of spectacular and oh so thoughtful. We met on April 22nd, 2012 and during our first two years of dating, on the 22nd of each month, Liam planned out special date days or nights to commemorate another month together. When he was away on our special day, he always sent me flowers with a note to tell me he missed me or was thinking of me and over time, he professed his love. He took me on surprise picnic, long day hikes, concerts, homemade dinners, romantic gestures like flower petals from his building door to his condo door, carving hearts and initials in trees for us, movie dates, stroll in the park, roller derby, helicopter ride, flowers, candies, full mommy days to myself to recharge. One of those dates, he asked me to meet me at a difficult beach access point after his surf session but the directions were a little skewed and I was walking around for 2 hours! After finding him, let’s just say he did a little bit of sucking up that night. In any case, he was a man after my heart.

For the proposal, he created a scavenger hunt linked to a website with some of our fondest and most memorable dates and events in our 3 years together; 12 stops, 12 printed hearts with Barcode links, 12 moments to reminisce and at the end of the road, he proposed at that same beach that I couldn’t get to. Same road that i previously got lost but this time he led me down the path, got down on his knee and popped the question. And of course I said YES!


What is your favorite date night?
There are too many! I think the one that truly melted my heart was in our early dating months, Liam brought me to ruins of an old fort overlooking the ocean. A beautiful picnic, wine and a surprise helicopter fly by. The best was our great conversations and he started opening up to me. Liam’s favorite date was December 22 postponed to the 24th. I went into early labor, ten weeks early to be precise, a world wind of events to prevent our daughter to arrive as a Christmas present. I was on complete bedrest but he made the hospital room festive, we dressed up, made my favorite dish, Skype with family and rubbed my pregnant belly. At that point, I knew that he’d be forever, for better or for worse. He proposed 5 months later.

What is the inspiration behind your wedding?
A beach proposal requires a beach wedding!

Where are you going on your honeymoon?
To be determined. We’d like perhaps Fiji but undecided.


What do you love most about your fiancé?
I love Sandy’s energy and that she lets me go to bed early sometimes.

I love Liam’s constant attempt to be charming and funny! Seriously, he’s the best partner I could ask for, he knows how to make me smile daily.

What are you looking forward to in your marriage?
Growing old together, raising a family full of laughter, adventures and love.

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