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Whimsical Gettysburg Pennsylvania Engagement Session | EarthMark Photography

Today we’re excited to share Corey and Christopher’s whimsical Gettysburg, Pennsylvania Engagement Session with you shot by EarthMark Photography!!  Corey and Chris are both poets and are so in love!!  It is evident in all their photos!!

Meet Corey and Christopher!

How did you meet your fiancé?
We were introduced by a mutual friend, Jacques, who will be the celebrant at our wedding ceremony this summer. “I’m going to introduce you to the man you’re going to marry,” Jacques said to Corey, and, sure enough, he was right. We first met over margaritas at Bar César in the Piedmont neighborhood of Oakland, though our real connection came later that week at karaoke in San Francisco, where neither displayed particular musical aplomb.

Tell us your proposal story!
After Christopher asked Corey’s mother for her blessing, she gave him the engagement and wedding rings used by her own mother. Later that summer, Christopher proposed on the porch of a small restaurant in Gettysburg, where the two were living and where they’ll celebrate their rehearsal dinner. Thankfully the porch wasn’t that crowded, so there wasn’t too big of a scene when he got on one knee and asked her to share his life with him. There was, though, champagne all around afterward.

What is your favorite date night?
I think we have two favorite traditions. The first would involve Domino’s Pizza and terrible science-fiction movies. The second would involve lying out in the sun and drinking beer together, then transitioning into a two-person dance party featuring 90’s hits. And ideally a hot tub.

What is the inspiration behind your wedding?
Think Fourth of July Cookout meets epic dance party.

Where are you going on your honeymoon?
To quote Will Smith–Miami the city that keeps the roof blazin.’

What are you looking forward to in your marriage?
Christopher is very much looking forward to the little things—waking up beside each other, working on poems together, going on runs. There’s also, of course, the lifetime of “growing closer” to someone, but for Christopher the daily being-with Corey is the most exciting aspect of marriage. Corey is looking forward to many more road trips, to facing the world together, and continuing to share a life, to share poems and laughter and beer, with her best friend.

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