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Garden Winter Park Florida Wedding | Corner House Photography

Today we have a lovely garden Winter Park Florida Wedding shot by Corner House Photography! Nicole and Andy said their “I do’s” at the beautiful Park Plaza Gardens in Winter Park Florida!

Meet Nicole and Andy!

Tell us your proposal story!
My husband, Andy, and I met in PA school in Fort Lauderdale FL January of 2013. Two short months later, we were “boyfriend and girlfriend”. And a year later, in May of 2014 he proposed. It was beautiful. Andy had pre-made a painting that read “will you marry me” and dropped it off at the local Painting with a Twist location in Fort Lauderdale. We had front row VIP seats, painted a beautiful “his and hers” sunset, drank wine and laughed with friends. At the end of the night, the owner asked Andy to come up to the stage to display his painting and “how it would look in a frame at home”. A few sneaky shuffles later, and Andy was holding a framed painting that said “will you marry me”. He got down on his knee in front of everyone, and the rest is history. And I still have the painting hanging on our bedroom wall to this day. A beautiful daily reminder of his love for me and the effort he put into our proposal.


What is your favorite date night?
We actually love to have breakfast dates! Our favorite is Cracker Barrel. We enjoy drinking coffee together, eating pancakes and playing a game of checkers outside on the rocking chairs.

What was the inspiration behind your wedding?
We wanted a “vintage garden” theme to our wedding. We are lovers of nature, so our color scheme included several shades of green, mixed with various plants & flowers and a little gold glitter for a splash of glam.

What was your favorite part of your wedding day?
Definitely the bubble exit!! I felt like a princess, running through an aisle full of my closest family and friends, with my husband right by my side, hand in hand, fully encompassed in bubbles & laughter. Not to mention, immediately after the bubble exit was the first real moment we had together as “husband and wife”. Such a surreal feeling!


What is one piece of wedding planning advice you have for our readers?
BUDGET budget budget. Don’t waste money on the little details. At the end of the day, the guests won’t remember what type of flowers you had, or what shade of purple your dresses were, or even what was said during the ceremony. What they will remember is the fun they had celebrating your marriage.

What is one piece of couple/marriage advice you have for our readers?
Don’t allow the wedding planning to get the best of you. It can be stressful, and that’s normal. But make sure you are both compromising on the details. It is a day celebrating both of you, after all. And once the wedding is over, put all of the gifts and the thank you cards away for at least a week and enjoy the first few days as husband and wife. You will never get those back. Soak them in!



Where did you go on your honeymoon?
We spent our honeymoon in San Francisco, California. We wanted something other than the traditional beach or cruise honeymoon. Especially considering we live in Florida and can have those vacations whenever we want. So we chose a touristy, domestic honeymoon. We took a ferry past the Golden Gate bridge, played in a science museum, flew in a hot air balloon over Napa Valley, rode in trolley cars, ate at cute little breakfast cafes, walked through beautiful botanical gardens, took a guided walking tour through the Redwood Forest, and ate some of the most delicious seafood we’ve ever had. It was perfect.

What do you love most about your husband?
His kindness and his dedication to our marriage. He never lets us go to bed angry; he is always the voice of reason and the calm in the storm. He keeps us going when times get tough. I couldn’t have picked a better husband out of a catalog.

How has marriage made you grow as a person and/or couple?
We have both grown since the beginning of our relationship almost 4 years ago, and even more since our marriage 1 year ago. We have become better communicators and better compromisers. We have learned to put each other first without sacrificing ourselves. We have fallen more in love as time has passed. And the most recent change that we have noticed is that we are growing together spiritually and becoming more in touch with our faith.

What are you looking forward to in your marriage in the next 10 years?
Babies! I’m looking forward to having babies and growing our family.

Any additional information that you’d want to share!
We chose Corner House Photography off of based on her amazing customer reviews! And it was the best choice we could have made. She was everything she promised and more. She helped us create and capture our perfect day, and she helped keep me calm in all of the chaos. Her photos tell a story; she captures every tiny detail without missing the bigger picture. She is perfect and my highest recommendation for an engagement/ couple/ wedding photographer.

Lovely Vendors:
Dress Store: BCBG
Shoes: Dyeables and KaraLous Bridal Shop
Cake: Cheesecake Factory
Music: Griff Moore, Pianist

  • Samantha Eckhaus with Corner House Photography - Lace & Loyalty you have made my day! Nicole and Andy are very dear to my heart and an absolutely amazing couple. Thank you so much for featuring such amazing images of an amazing couple!

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