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New York City Bridal Portraits | Tiny Human Photography LLC

Today we have something a little different for you!!  Beautiful New York City Bridal Portraits shot by the talented Tiny Human Photography LLCMairi and Sean were on their Honeymoon and dreamed of having wedding photos taken in NYC! They traveled around Central Park and Brooklyn Bridge Park and their photos are gorgeous!! 

Meet Mairi and Sean!


Tell us your proposal story!
In our flat, he put my favorite outfit on and favorite smell and asked me to be his wife!

What is your favorite date night?
Going to Anstruther in Fife and sitting in the car and eating fish and chips. They are legendary and world famous.


What is the inspiration behind your wedding?
Photographs and music, I am a wedding photographer in Scotland and we share a joint interest in music. Music is food for the soul!

Where are you going on your honeymoon?
We went to New York and this is where we met Tiny Human Photography and we had wedding pictures taken and then Florida!

What do you love most about your fiancé?
His personality and his eyes

What are you looking forward to in your marriage?
Being united as a family with the same surname. Working as a team.


Any additional information that you’d want to share!
Tiny human made us feel very welcome and helped us around New York. We will keep in touch as they were an amazing couple! They were very accommodating to our special event.

From the Photographer:
This really was and honor for us. Mairi, a photographer from Scotland, had a dream to take her wedding photos in NYC. A lifelong dream it was. So when she reached out to us, we were more than excited. They were married in Scotland only two weeks earlier. This was the first leg of their Honeymoon. We met at 7am in the end of October. The sun was coming up slowly as three other photographers circled around Bethesda Fountain waiting for the right light. We had to dodge a man testing his drone and work with another who was working on a commercial panorama. All part of the experience. Well worth it, when you get an empty shot of Central Park. Truly majestic. We then moved to Brooklyn Bridge Park. The crowds had begun to come out to enjoy the weather this late in the fall. This crowd brought more smile to the couple as they cheered them on watching the whites dress flow in the breeze. One woman stopped us to say she saw us in Central park that morning and took a picture of us taking pictures. We all kind of laughed at the small world coincidence. Our 2 hour shoot turned into 4.5 and we enjoyed every minute of it. Mairi and Sean have sent us many thanks and now we hope to visit Scotland soon. Gotta love dreams come true.

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