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Phipps Conservatory Wedding | Mandy Fierens

This gorgeous Phipps Conservatory wedding photographed by Mandy Fierens is filled with that summer sunshine we are all missing! Lots of fabulous details with this wedding! Enjoy!2015-03-04_00262015-03-04_0027 2015-03-04_0028 2015-03-04_0029 2015-03-04_0030 2015-03-04_0031 Pittsburgh wedding locations Pittsburgh wedding venues 2015-03-04_0034 2015-03-04_0035 Pittsburgh wedding florists 2015-03-04_0037 2015-03-04_0038 2015-03-04_0039 2015-03-04_0040 2015-03-04_0041 2015-03-04_0042 2015-03-04_0043 2015-03-04_0044 Pittsburgh wedding photos 2015-03-04_0046 2015-03-04_0047 2015-03-04_0048 Pittsburgh wedding inspiration 2015-03-04_0050 2015-03-04_0051 2015-03-04_0052 2015-03-04_0053 2015-03-04_0054 2015-03-04_0055 2015-03-04_0056 2015-03-04_0057 Pittsburgh wedding blog 2015-03-04_0059 2015-03-04_0060 2015-03-04_0061 2015-03-04_0062 2015-03-04_0063

From the PhotographerI remember the first time I chatted with Beth and Todd. It was a phone call, which for the record I am horribly awkward with, I could tell how adorable they were just by that first chat with them. They live in DC so when they booked me, they had me over to Beth’s parents house to talk over some details and to share some of Todd’s homemade stout beer. I love being treated like a friend rather than just a vendor. It helps me to get close to couples, and to learn more about them which helps to me deliver a better product.

Beth and Todd’s day was super awesome for many reasons, but especially because it was considered a destination wedding! 99% of their guests travelled in from places like Colorado and even London. Everyone I chatted with the day of was from someplace else! I remember Beth’s brother was shocked to see a groundhog, I thought he was joking, then I felt super rude and helped him find it again for analyzing.

Random side notes aside, this day was so great. The weather was perfect, the guests were insanely kind, and I had an amazing time! 

Ceremony | Phipps Conservatory
Reception | Phipps Conservatory
Bride’s Dress | Catherine DeaneBHLDN
Makeup | The Beauty Expert
Strings | Chamber Light Players
DJ | Joe – Pittsburgh DJ Company
Flowers | KS Kennedy Distinctive Floral
Cake | Prantls
Stationery | Wood Chick
Photography | Mandy Fierens


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