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Romantic Southern Manor Georgia Wedding | Brandy Angel Photography

We’re so excited to share today’s romantic Southern Manor Georgia Wedding with you!! Hannah and Mitchell are an adorable, fun loving couple and Brandy Angel Photography captured all of this and more for them on their Wedding Day!

Meet Hannah and Mitchell!!

How did you meet?
Mitchell and I went to the same high school but never spoke to one another. I vaguely remember him from high school and he vaguely remembers me. One day, I was headed to church (this was my junior year in college). My gas light came on the night before but I was running late for church that morning and didn’t want to stop and get gas beforehand. After church service, I was just praying my car would make it to the gas station. I am pretty sure I rolled down the hill of the Golden Pantry gas station, thats how low I was on gas.

Well I went inside to pay and Mitchell was in line behind me. After feeling my gas tank up, Mitchell was leaving and I looked over at him and he was staring at me. We both jerked our heads real fast in hopes the other didn’t see. Well the next Sunday he was leaving to go on a mission trip. I knew this because he was going with my Pastor and some of the people from our church. I messaged him on facebook letting him know I would be praying for him and his dad during their trip. He immediately asked for my number. He left to go on the trip the next day… We were able to talk almost every day while he was in Thailand.

Mitchell FINALLY came home two weeks later and took me on a date after his 24 hour flight. I told him we could wait because I knew he would be exhausted but he insisted. We went to see Bad Grandpa (so funny). He also came home with gifts for me (jewelry and a scarf). How sweet is that?! We hadn’t even gone on a date yet but he still was so thoughtful and brought home gifts. He made me laugh and sang every rap song on the radio. It was the most perfect date. We have been inseparable ever since.

Tell us your proposal story!
May 23, 2015

My older sister, her husband and kids were in town for the weekend. We had all planned on just hanging out this particular Saturday and Mitchell was supposed to come over around 11 AM. He showed up at my house that morning around 7:30. He said he couldn’t sleep and I was excited to see him so I didn’t think much about it. About 30 minutes later, he gave me a card saying he had a fun filled day planned for me. The first thing he had planned was for me to get my hair cut and colored. I had been griping all week about how badly I needed my hair done. I was so happy! My sisters decided they would ride with me.

We get there and I get my hair done… My sister then gives me another card from Mitchell stating he made appointments for us to get manicure and pedicures. We ride over to the nail salon and my best friends, Callie and Denice, were there waiting on us! I was so happy and beyond excited to see them. They live a few hours from me and I had not seen them in a long time. At this point, I remembered that earlier in the week Mitchell had been really rude and mean one day. He told me he would make it up to me and this is how I thought he was making up for his rudeness (lol). He is really sweet so it didn’t suprise me that he would plan a day like this to make up for our fight.

After we got our nails done, my sister handed me another card saying he wanted us to grab lunch and that he had already paid for it. We went to Amici’s and had the best of time. It was so perfect having my sisters AND best friends together. I really forgot about what Mitchell was doing because I just was so happy to be with all of them. I will be honest it crossed my mind for a split second that he might be proposing later, but after we ate Callie and Denice left like they were going back home. I knew he would not propose without them there nor would they ever miss it!

The next card told me to pick out a cute outfit at our local boutique because he was taking me out to dinner. He said he would be waiting for me at our families cabin where he was fishing with my daddy. I got a bright pink dress and some cute jewelry. My sisters and I headed home. I changed into my outfit. We all drove to the cabin (they said they were meeting my parents there to go fishing). We get to the cabin and Mitchell and my mama are outside talking. I walk up and give Mitchell a hug and ask him where we are going to eat. He asked me if I knew the real reason why we were there and I said no. He then asked me to marry him, hand shaking and tears rolling. It was the sweetest moment. Of course, I said yes!! He then told me all of our friends and family were hiding inside the cabin. This is when I began to cry! It was the best moment. And to have everyone there was so amazing! We stayed at the cabin, hung out, and took a million of pictures! It was beyond perfect and a day we will never forget. He did good!


What is your favorite date night?
We love just being at home together and watching a good movie! By far our favorite date night.

What was the inspiration behind your wedding?
I wanted a simple, sweet and country wedding with lots of pink! We did all of the decorating ourselves. My Aunt Jenny, is amazing and helped pull my vision together!

What was your favorite part of your wedding day?
My favorite part was Mitchell crying during our vows. It was so sweet and had us all in tears. I will never forget that moment. I told him later that night that when we get in big fights during our marriage to just remind me of that moment (lol).


What is one piece of wedding planning advice you have for our readers?
Enjoy it! It may be stressful at times but when a vendor falls through or something doesn’t go as planned, that is just the Lord planning your day perfectly for you. On the day of, you won’t care what is going on… you will just be ready to see your soon to be husband!

What is one piece of couple/marriage advice you have for our readers?
Keep God first in your own life so you can love yourself as well as your spouse the way he/she deserves! If you strive to love your spouse the way God loves you it will make you and your spouse so much happier. At the beginning of every fight, just remember you will always forgive him/her at the end of it. Love them unconditionally.

Where did you go on your honeymoon?
We went to Playa Conchal, Costa Rica!


What do you love most about your wife?
Her butt (lol jk but really). I love her heart and her willing to help others.

What do you love most about your husband?
I love how big his heart is and how goofy he is! He will start playing rap songs when he comes home from work or anytime we are in the car. He will sing every single world along with some special dance moves. It is so funny.


How has marriage made you grow as a person and/or couple?
We have learned to not be selfish. That life isn’t just about you. You are a team and sometimes your spouses needs are more important than your own. Also, don’t sweat the small stuff!

What are you looking forward to in your marriage in the next 10 years?
More puppies and eventually a few kids!

Any additional information that you’d want to share!
Brandy Angel Photography is amazing! I highly recommend her. Mitchell and I have talked over and over how she just made us feel so comfortable that day. We didn’t have to worry about anything regarding pictures. She was on top of it! She was fun and laid back… exactly what a bride needs on her big day! She also sent us our pictures while we were on our honeymoon (so quick). You couldn’t ask for much more!


Lovely Vendors:
Venue: The Corry House
Makeup: Bombshell Creations
Cake: Sweet Afternoons

  • Kyle Horton w/ Linger Longer Music - Breathtaking shots as always. I’ve been to and worked the Corry house many times. But these images you’ve produced made me do a double take. You’re photos can make the familiar look brand new again. Nice job Brandy! I know Dr. Bo is pleased too. The Corry House is a local treasure. See you in 2017ReplyCancel

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