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Rustic Vineyard North Carolina Wedding | Johanna Dye Photography

Today on the blog we have a lovely Rustic Vineyard North Carolina Wedding shot by Johanna Dye Photography to share with you!!  Megan and Travis had a gorgeous day for their outdoor summer North Carolina wedding!!!

Meet Megan and Travis!!

How did you meet your spouse?
Travis and I met from mutual friends about 6 years ago, and he finally built up the courage to message me on Facebook!  From then we went on our first date!  He took me to a football game!  Being only 15 and 16 that was the cool place to go:)

As months passed by we ended up going our separate ways because we were so young.  It wasn’t until about a year later that he called and asked if I wanted to go out on another date for dinner in Fayetteville. I knew once he rang the doorbell and picked me up in the white truck I loved so much that something was different about the way I felt. I knew that this time I could see us having a future together.

The first time Travis told me he loved me was in Wilmington in 2013, we were camping at the KOA close by the beach and he took me on a walk and was just talking about us and how he felt and then he looked down at me and said “I love you Megan Renae”. I knew then that he was my soulmate.“

Tell us your proposal story!
How Travis proposed to me is one of my favorite stories to tell because it feels like it came straight out of a movie!

Every year for my little sister’s birthday we always go to the beach to our favorite hotel, The Caribbean. Since Travis and I were getting really serious I thought nothing of it when my mom and him came up with the idea of bringing his family along too.  As the date came closer to going on the trip, I still didn’t think anything of it when they said Autumn our high school friend who takes pictures, was coming to take family pictures on the beach for both of our families.

So the day came to get ready and take pictures and I couldn’t understand why everyone was freaking out about the weather and why my mom was so worried about getting my nails painted.  Soon I realized it was me, my mom, and my mother in law left in the hotel.  I hurry up down stairs so I wasn’t messing up any pictures and when I get down the stairs of the beach, I see all of my sisters holding up white signs saying “Megan, will you marry me” and I hear the song “Marry Me” by Train in the background, then I see Travis right in the middle of them smiling at me. Then he walked towards me and got down on one knee and asked for my hand in marriage!!

What was your favorite part of your wedding day?
My favorite moment of my wedding was hands down, the look on Travis’s face as I walked down the aisle. It took me completely off guard the way he broke down, all I could think about in my head in that moment was how I got this lucky to be able to marry the man of my dreams!

What is one piece of planning advice you have for our readers?
My tip to future brides to be, is to relax on the day of your wedding!  I know it’s easier said than done but just know that everything will fall into place. Try and just take in all the love and laughter around you!  It’s such an overwhelming day, but try to take a minute and look at all the hard work you put in for your big day.

Lovely Vendors
Event Planner: Essentials Professional Services
Venue: Gregory Vineyards
Caterer: Howards BBQ
Bridesmaid Dresses: David’s Bridal
Florals: Divine Designs by Nancy
DJ: First Son Entertainment 

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