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Rustic Vintage Wedding Styled Shoot |McNiel Photography

Today we have a lovely Rustic Vintage Wedding Styled Shoot for you!!  McNiel Photography and all the talented vendors added special touches to the shoot!


From the photographer:
The styled shoot started from a conversation I was having with several local vendors about highlighting their services on our photography blog. Because we all had something to offer, and because it’s a beautiful thing when businesses work together, we decided to create a styled shoot to not only show what each individual vendor has to offer brides and grooms but also to show what that can look like when it’s all put together.

The Barn at Trinity Peak was our venue location, which was a perfect backdrop for the rustic-vintage style we were trying to achieve. Relics Vintage Rentals provided all of the pieces, transforming an early-spring field into a gorgeous backdrop for a ceremony location. Our models are a real married couple who will soon be celebrating their 11th anniversary, and I love working with real couples because we love the depth they add to the images!

Each vendor that participated added a special touch to the shoot. The invites and paper designs were provided by Danielle of DCo Lovenotes, who custom-created this new style specifically for our shoot. The watercolor sugar cookies, lemon bars, cheesecake, and frosted cake desserts were provided by Sweet Tooth Milwaukee, showing brides and grooms that the wedding day desserts don’t have to be limited to cake alone. The gorgeous florals were provided by Alfa Flower & Wedding Shop, mixing in some pastels and early spring colors that matched perfectly with the vintage pieces and the natural backdrop of the field and barn. Bucci’s Bridal provided the vintage-rustic wedding gown, adding a simple elegance to the shoot; and hair and makeup were done by Naturally You by Amanda Shallow.

I personally love how each vendor uniquely contributed to the shoot, showing that even an early April wedding in Wisconsin can be transformed into something incredibly alive and beautiful with the help of some of our talented Milwaukee-area wedding vendors.

Like Emily from McNeil Photography said, the models for the shoot are a real married couple that just celebrated their 11th Wedding Anniversary!!! Meet Ashely + Nate!


How long have you been married? What is your anniversary date? Where were you married?
11 years
July 16, 2005
West Bend, Wisconsin

How did you meet?
On his family farm through a mutual friend.

Why or how did you choose your anniversary session location? How is it relevant to your wedding or marriage?
My friend was looking for models and it just happened to work! We are so much in love still after 11 years. Even more every day. I feel like the pictures show that. The vintage/county chic look matches what we like so closely!

What is your favorite date night?
An excellent dinner out or at home with some wine and no kiddos. (We have four! )


What is your best marriage advice? 
COMMUNICATE! He can’t read your mind and she needs to be very clear!

Don’t go to bed angry. This is said so often and it’s so true. Sometimes that means talking about the issue and saying you’re sorry.

Marriage is work. It’s not 50/50. It’s 500/500. If you’re always concerned about the other persons needs your own will always be met.

What is the hardest thing that you’ve gone through as a couple?
Leaving his family farm.

What is the hardest thing about marriage for you guys?
Having enough time together.

What is the most amazing thing about marriage for you guys?
How we are on the same page, in the same sentence, on the same word. Having someone love you as much as you love them.


Why an anniversary session? What inspired you to do it?
It was a totally surprise thing! So fun!

How has marriage made you grow as a person and/or couple?
We have become such an unstoppable team. In everything. Truly becoming someone’s other half is such an incredible blessing. It has helped us to live for others instead of ourselves.

What are you looking forward to in your marriage in the next 10 years?
Falling even more in love!


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